About the Campstory

CampStory, is your friend which provides you complete camping packages all across Pune. We offer specialized trip packages, riverside camps and business/corporate camping Experience. We offer you the top vacation packages that help people to go on group vacations with your Family. Our vision is to deliver quality information, and make your camping experience better. We promise hassle-free booking with Competitive Pricing, and guided tours on our CampStory site, all in your budget. Our mission is to make your trip or picnic hassle-free. We are here to share you some amazing camping places for you and your loved ones for an unforgettable adventure. We do not only provide campsites but as well as keeping your safety in mind, and delivering some great deals for your bookings.

Our Vision

Nestled deep in the woods, the campers embraced the tranquility and freedom of the natural world. The rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the gentle flow of a nearby stream set the tone for adventure and discovery. The smell of wood smoke mingled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, as stories and laughter filled the air. This was the perfect camp story, a moment of pure joy and connection with nature.

Our mission

To Make Hassle-free bookings for outdoor Activitiesprovide an immersive and transformative camping experience for people of all ages, promoting a deep connection with nature, personal growth, and community building. Through outdoor activities, storytelling, and meaningful interactions, CampStory aims to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their unique strengths and to become stewards of the environment.

What our Partners & Customers say

CampStory provides best solutions and most affordable event registration website in the industry

Ravi Wagh

Campsite Owner
Good coordination from team, you will get multiple locations and verified camp sides in discounted price.

Vishwanath Sable

Best event management platform for very underrated camping industry. They provide best solutions.


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