The camping areas that include sleeping beneath the stars, cooking over a fire, and pitching a tent are the ideal ones for couples near Pune.

These experiences are available at some fantastic camping locations close to Pune, and they are all rather distinctive from one another.

The ideal approach to spend time with your significant other in a picturesque environment is to go camping. This post will discuss some of the top camping locations close to Pune that are ideal for couples.

  1. Lonavala

This is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in India since it has so much to offer naturalists. You’ll feel as though you’re in another world because of the area’s abundance of waterfalls, lakes, and caverns.

Additionally, there are a lot of eateries that serve delectable food, as well as cafes where you may unwind with a friend while taking in the surroundings.

Cost for One: INR 2000 – 2500 per day

  1. Dimbhe

The place to go if you want an adventurous experience is here! Because of its beauty and abundance of natural beauties including mountains, rivers, and hillsides covered in flowers, this area has been referred to as “God’s own land”!

Cost for One: INR 2000 – 3000 per day

  1.  Pawna

You can access both while camping at Pawna, which offers a wonderful blend of wilderness and city life. Pawna is another fantastic option for camping close to Pune.

There are several hiking routes in this area, and there is a tonne of wildlife, including birds and deer, that roams around freely all day (and night).

Cost for One: INR 2500 – 3000 per day

  1. Aandhra Dam

Aandhra Dam, close to Lonavala, is one of the more well-known camping areas around Pune. There are a variety of camping alternatives available, including some with composting restrooms and power.

There are also some excellent options nearby if you need something with fewer amenities that Aandhra Dam has to offer.

Cost for One: INR 1500 – 3000 per day

  1. Panshet

Camping could seem like a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a romantic getaway. This is a wonderful opportunity to bond with one another and create memories. One of the best camping locations close to Pune is this area. Look Out!

Cost for One: INR 1500 – 3500 per day

  1. Temghar

Another well-liked camping location close to Pune is Temghar. Couples can find several places to unwind together and enjoy some peace, quiet, and alone time at this place.

Cost for One: INR 2500 – 3500 per day

  1. Bhandardara

It is simple to understand why this is one of Pune’s most well-liked camping locations. The campsite is surrounded by a large number of trees and plants, which gives it a very natural appearance.

Cost for One: INR 2500 – 4500 per day