Pune… A camping weekend destination gateway…

             Pune is known for its spell bound beauty. People from far off visit this City for leisure. The city is best known for its winter and rainy season. Most of the people find this place beautiful for its scenic glimpse during the rainy season due to the presence of photogenic mountains and river backwaters. The best time for staycation or camping in Pune is from July to February as the weather is cool and pleasurably warm. With Campstory, you can explore some of the Best Camping Sites Near Pune.

Away from the regular pattern connect with the nature full of magical experiences, spent time with closed ones.

Millennials find camping near backwaters like yoga or meditation. If you are looking for such a meditative place, let’s find out some camping sites or places near Pune.

To name a few camping sites near Pune would be Pawna lakeside camping, Camping near Panshet, Camping near Matheran, Camping site near Bhandardhara, Campground of Nisarg shala, Kalsubai Trek.


  • Pawana lakeside camping:
      • Be a spectator of enchanted valleys of Western Ghats from the solace of your well-equipped tents. Immerse yourself into the melodic, tuneful music presented by professional musicians at the camping site. Find solace with your loved ones admist the lush greenery around the banks of Pawana.
  • Camping near Panshet Dam:
      • About 50 kilometeres to the southwest of Pune is a dam on Ambi river also known as tributary of river Mutha. This place is best scenic location for camping. A finest site to enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset amongst beautiful lap of nature.
  • Camping near Matheran:
      • Matheran is one of the famous hill stations located about 122 kilometers away from Pune. This place itself has a unique experience to offer as to reach Matheran you need to take up a toy train or mini train. This place is well known for its mild climate and spotless colonial architecture. A splendid experience of dense forest camping.
  • Camping site near Bhandardhara:
      • Taking a 5hour drive from Pune to Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats Bhandardhara is a picturesque hill station. A relaxing place to cherish in comfortable tents along with bonfire to set the mood. Bhandardhara is a serene and beautiful campsite.
  • Camping site of Lavasa:
      • Get connected with nature at Lavasa. Spend a peaceful weekend, explore self with various activities here such a drawing, painting, creating art. Engulf into a self-majestic experience of composing music, writing songs. Additionally discover the sky full of glazing stars along with your loved ones.
  • Camping at Kalsubai :
      • Kalsubai a highest peak in Maharashtra. Dwell into most adventurous trek and camping near Kalsubai. A 5 kilometre jaunt from Pune offers a chance to explore the soaring mountains of the western ghats. A spine-chilling experience to indulge at the elevation of 1,646 from ground. With spell bound Sunrise and Sunset to offer Kalsubai camping will give you magical episode.