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All of our campsites provide you with a tent, sleeping bag, mat or mattress to make your stay comfortable.

Yaha! and wonderful beautiful ones! You’re in their space, so yes you will meet them. Follow basic camping rules like keeping your tent zipped up, carrying natural bug repellents and always carrying a torch at night helps. But do take notice of them and who knows you might fall in love with the wonderful world of etymology?

For me, the best part is the simplicity. Waking up to a warm sunrise, hiking the trail and watching the cool morning mist fade from the hillsides, and wondering at the beauty of it all

Both are fun and rewarding ways to spend time outdoors. If you’d like to camp with your friends or by yourself, book a campsite based on your preferred dates. If you’d like to meet other people while camping attend the many events, we regularly post on our events page.

Yes! There’s yummy food available at all our campsites – in some cases it’s included within the price, in others you can purchase the food at the site. Food is usually made with local ingredients and of local cuisine.

It is safe in Pune like Pawna, Panshet and in Temghar, Kamshet as I did camping in various locations specially solo camping but I didn't encounter any problem till now but in some hill areas bugs can cause problems, but it happen in rare cases.

Yes Most of our campsites are kid friendly, though you will be responsible to attend to your child and ensure that camp rules are followed.