Dimbhe Dam Camping

The Dimbhe Dam is situated in the Pune District in the village of Dimbhe, “Taluka” Ambegaon. The massive Dimbhe Dam project forced the relocation of Ambegaon town. Several villages near Ambegaon were also included in this project. The renowned Holy site and one of the “Jotirling” Bhimashankars are just a few kilometres away from Dimbhe Dam. 

You can go with your family for taking blessings from Mahadeva. For nearby villages like Shinoli, Ghodegaon, Manchar, as well as other communities, Dimbhe Dam serves as a significant water source.The location, which is bordered by the magnificent Sahyadris’ lush green splendour, has various waterfalls.

Heart-pounding outdoor activities like trekking are available in the verdant hills below the Dimbhe dam. Additionally, if you’re hosting a big gathering, you might consider having a campfire and going camping.To sate your appetite, you can also take your family to a Blue Mormon hotel or Squirrel resort adjacent to the Dimbhe Dam for lunch.

Some people may be gathered here in large numbers, carrying a mat and a basket of homemade food, to enjoy their privacy. If time permits, you can just shake hands with them.

Dimbhe Campsites

Bendharwadi Camping at Dimbhe Dam

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